Friday, March 12, 2010

Looky! Looky! A $15 Chandelier Makeover!

I stumbled across this pitiful chandelier at a local thrift store. Upon closer inspection, I realized it had great bones but noticed some electrical components would have to be replaced.

With a $5 price tag, I thought I'd take it home. I needed a mental break from finishing my mantel project so yesterday I took some time to work on this chandelier.

First, I needed to test the wiring and once that was sound,I could replace what needed replacing. Luckily the wiring was fine and I ended up replacing all five keyless sockets (you know the part where you stick the lightbulb!)
I used Krylon gloss in Smoke Gray with Valspar hi-gloss in Aluminum.
Luckily, I had inherited a glass chandelier from my husband's grandmother (which unfortunately met is untimely demise this summer due to five little sets of curious hands) that I had salvaged the crystals from.
Here is the result ( this picture is taken hanging in my kitchen).

This chandelier will find it's new home in our master bath after it recieves new covers for the candle base and wiring(maybe some shades).

All together I spent $5 on the chandelier and around $10 for the keyless sockets and paint. I am extremely happy with the result and will enjoy this pretty bauble when I soak in the tub!


Travelbug Mom said...

Enjoying bauble and bubbles at the same time...LOVE IT!!

Grace said...

What a beauty - and only $15!

Riviera Boardwalk said...

You don'thow how to replace the sockets and how to pruperly hang the crystals. When you are as clueless as I am theses are major steps.
love you,

LPC said...

Wow that's beautiful! I love the idea of a chandelier in a bathtub.

EntertainingMom said...

Bravo! Belissimo! I love it! I want a chandelier over my bath tub too!

Lamp Tramp said...

I love your chandy, you did an amazing job on it. So glad you were able to save the crystals from the old one. I asking for a chandy over my tub for an anniversdary present this year, maybe that enticing romantic thought( in hubby's mind) will do the trick! Ha Ha!