Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone! Tomorrow starts my little ones spring break and we are headed to Hilton Head to visit with family.

With three boxes of dye, 36 eggs and some embellishments, we are done our eggs. We have strayed from our usual tradition of dyeing our eggs the night before Easter to dyeing the eggs the weekend before Easter. Since we would be away I decided to make the change and now we can bring our eggs with us so the Easter Bunny can hide them. I also wanted to make this change because I am a little tired of taking my children to church Easter Sunday dressed in their Easter best only to have their hands and arms dyed purplish brown from the night before festivities.

This year has also marked a change for us as the older children's eggs actually looked like Easter eggs. For the last several years, my minis have taken great joy in sticking all of their eggs in every color on the table resulting in said purplish-brown eggs. Now they are very interested in keeping their eggs one color, etc. We finally have bright Easter eggs.

My fourth little one is still grasping the egg concept. She dyed the eggs well for being two and half years old. As soon as she retrieved the egg from the cup, however, she saw it fit to peel the shell off of ever single one of her eggs. She was addicted. Then as I was cleaning up she started to carry around this little Easter tin as a suitcase. Too cute. Fast forward to bedtime when she requests me to remove her Easter eggs from the tin. I opened the tin to remove two very brown de-shelled eggs. Oh..she is a bugger. Thank goodness she asked! I certainly did not want to find this little treasure after we returned from our trip. Yikes!

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cancersucks said...

Hope you are having a wonderful vacation and happy Easter!