Saturday, April 18, 2009

An "Almost" End of an Era.....

Today, as we were busy cleaning around the house, I came across our changing table. We purchased this table from Pottery Barn Kids more than 8 years ago. I remember the day we purchased our little man's nursery set and how excited I was on delivery day. Time really has gone by so quickly. Our oldest has just turned 8 and our youngest is 18 months. We have used this table for all of our children, more so than the cribs. Because the children are so close in age, we have had more than one crib set up at any given time! But the baby has been sharing a room since we have moved and we have not had room for the table.

Today, I moved our table into the garage to convert into a gardening station. I can not believe it will never hold another baby. And this is bitter sweet. We are potty training our fourth and I can see the end of diapers in the near future. Believe me, I am more than ready not to change another diaper yet it is a another reminder that that they are growing up. And soon we will be a house without babies, which will be different for us.

I know, I 18 month old is technically still a "baby". But with four older siblings, she is growing in leaps and bounds. When your "baby" tells you "no" to some kisses so that she can run with the others, it really sinks in how fast time slips by.

For now, I will look to the future and hold on to the past. And relish in every moment that they are young.


Clear Pink said...

It really does fly by.

cancersucks said...

I am sad with you...P still in the crib. I am going to save it for my grandkids!!