Friday, August 15, 2008

A Little Love

I have been very busy. We are not yet in school so I have been cramming in the day trips for the kids before school starts. So far we have been to the zoo 3X(this place is awesome..fodder for another post), the Crayola factory 1X, the county Grange Fair 1X, Giggleberry Fair 1X (another great place), numerous playgrounds, one trip to Ikea(with their Smaland(sp?) my kids think we actually went for them!. And this week we have the Franklin Institute, the zoo(again!) and Sesame Place. This weekend I have to locate and access our soccer equipment. We will have three players this fall and guess what? I have a feeling that everyone will need new stuff.

Mix in all the BTS shopping and the house showings..oh.. I suddenly feel tired.

Anyhoo.. this is a picture of my two year old loving on my soon-to-be one year old. Sweet-yes? Ahh- pictures can be deceiving. Actually the scenerio plays out like this:

2yo: Mom, I ug (hug) her.

Me: well, alright. (more than alittle worried)

2yo:(laying on top off almost 1yo)

1yo: AHHHHHHH (screaming and looking at me as if to say How could you?)

But it really is all love. Crazy kids!


cancersucks said...

So adorable! Enjoy the last week before school starts. Sniff. The summer went by way too fast.

Rae said...

Ah yes, the love between siblings! My 7 year old often squeezes my 2 year old until he is mad as all get out!

First off, welcome to the blogging world! Second, thanks so much for visiting my blog today! I am so happy to meet you!!! I will be visiting you again!