Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Chair for Everyone

I went to Joann's fabric today and all of the cedar adirondack chairs were $29.99!
I love these chairs.
I wanted to create a similiar effect for my own backyard as in the image above. I ended leaving with seven chairs (enough for everyone), three ottomans, and two end tables.
So besides putting everything together (not looking forward to that) I have to decide on a color.
I do love the white yet I am afraid of upkeep. I do like the dark stain as in Potterybarn's Chesapeake Collection yet I don't know if the dark stain is crisp enough for me.

So if anyone checks in let me know what your thoughts are on color choices for these great chairs! Thanks!


preppylittledress said...

hey there, great find! wow - $29.99 that's a steal!!! i would of bought 7 too, it i were you!

with respect to your question it really depends on your yard and how you want to place the chairs. for example, is your yard cape cod like or that of frank lloyd wright design?

personally, i think you will enjoy the chairs in white. otherwise, i would of gone with a natural stain - then again it all depends on the look your trying to achieve.

happy decorating!

Rae said...

My vote is for white too. Have you thought of using a white stain instead of paint? You can still have the grain pop out but have the white color you're looking for. Good luck!!

e.m. said...

Thanks you for leaving comments!! Our house is more cape cod style but I had never thought to try a white stain instead of a paint. Thanks Rae for the idea!