Sunday, October 31, 2010

Does the Great Pumpkin Come to Visit Your House?

We have a Halloween tradition at our house where our children get to pick out 10 -15 pieces of their halloween loot to save and we put the rest in a big bowl to be placed out the back door. Overnight the Great Pumpkin comes and replaces the candy with a small toy, gift card or money.
What does the Great Pumpkin do with said candy? Well, the chocolate pieces are hidden away until the holiday baking (m+m cookies, etc.) begins and the hard candy-ish pieces are stored to give out as treats almost all year long.
We started this tradition when my older minis were babies and now they are almost in the double digits (cannot believe that) and so far we have been quite successful. I only hope it lasts as we continue into the tween years!

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