Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Paparazzi" MUST WATCH, if it is the only thing you do today!

This is Greyson Michael Chance singing at his school's spring concert. Yes, I have jumped onto the internet bandwagon of watching him on youtube. He has recieved over 1 million hits since he posted just last week. He is amazing and the young girls reaction to him are too funny.

Many are calling him the next Justin Beiber. We shall see. He is extremely talented for his young age.

And as a the typical mother I am,

I started worrying and hoping that the industry would not destroy this innocent raw talent that has very far to go yet has just started his journey.

Greyson was asked to perform on the Ellen DeGeneres show today!!

Let's hope his parents have a head on their shoulders.

Have a great day!


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EntertainingMom said...

I made my 5th grader watch it. According to her he is NOTHING like Justin Beiber... I think JB is a bit icky myself and this kid is a total cutie-patootie!