Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Recap or The Posts That Were Meant To Be....

I am a horrible blogger. It is true that I check in everyday to visit everyone else but I am terrible at writing. It seems that once I get my daily bit of sanity from all your blogs...time runs out...I am back on call.... five children beckon. So I am taking some time to catch you all up through a picture recap. I hope you all had a wonderful summer and an easy transition for back to school!
Trip to the Aquarium
The County FairA Pink Flamingo Birthday PartyPatriotic HolidaysField Trip to Princeton Children's LibrarySistersCupcake Sale for Charity (Go Cancer Sucks!)VacationSpending Time with the Cousins

Yes, we had a very busy summer. We are settling into our house yet we are still under a bit of construction. (New floors and countertops get installed in a few weeks). I am documenting our journey and hope to post all of the before and afters. School starts for us in two weeks. The older two and the middle two all start the same day! Little one stays home for yet another year!
Now, I have to go...the little ones are playing {sledding} on the mulch we just had delivered....did I say we had two weeks until school ?


Firefly Hill said...

Your children are just beautiful! I can relate to sledding on the mulch pile...mine did that too when they were younger!

cancersucks said...

Thanks for sharing the darling pictures. M&B started today. Ah, the quiet. We'll have to get together soon. Miss you!