Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Homemade Electrolyte Solution

We have been hit by the stomache bug. All of the children have had the usual symptoms. And it worries me when I can't get them to drink..ANYTHING. They do not drink Pedialyte or gatorade, etc. So some years ago I stumbled upon this homemade recipe for an electrolyte solution that I have used. It tastes like salty water but not too salty. I give them this alittle at a time and it seems to really help with the stomache bug symptoms.

5 cups of water boiled
8 level tsp sugar
1 level tsp salt

Stir together until sugar/salt is dissolved. Wait until cooled to serve.

It is really simple and I think there are other ways to make this.... I am just relaying what my family uses in hopes to help anyone else that may be in the same situation.


Firefly Hill said...

I hope you guys get better! We are still sick here daughters turn now. We are off to the doctor this a.m.

I am ready for spring too!


cancersucks said...

Feel better little me if you need me to pick up anything for you guys. Strep throat is rampant at Makefield. I am bathing the kids in hand gel and then rosemary spray in their hair. Lovely!

The Pink Totebag said...

Hi, e.m.! I hope you all are feeling better - and thanks so much for the tip about the homemade electrolyte solution. So glad you stopped by my blog to visit - nice to meet you! I'll be adding you to my list, too! :)

Lori said...

Oh I hope you all feel better soon, we had that too and it was just awful!!