Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yes. That is me. Overwhelmed. I am still surrounded by boxes from the move. When we knew our settlement date was several days before Christmas, I decided to divide up our move. I knew getting in and getting ready for the holidays in a short period of time would be greatly inhibited if I had to deal with things like Easter decorations or out of season clothing. So I rented a moving pod to store all the "non-essentials" and I was free to move only the furniture, the holiday decorations, and our daily necessities. The pod arrived a few days ago and I feel like the boxes are never ending. Do we really have this much stuff. Before I moved I tried to purge and I did make several large trips to donate to charity. I am in the process of compiling another large trip , thanks to the new prospective I have in our new home. If it doesn't fit where we want to be in this new place, if we do not love it, or if we have not worn it in a goes! Well, except for the all the girls clothes ...and maybe that box of toys that... AGH! Wish me luck!!

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