Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New House, Broken Nose, Attempted Auto Theft all within 36 hours

We found a youngest baby broke her nose..boooo...and someone tried to steal our car..... What!
First, we finally found a house, got a great deal and our new settlement date is December 18th.
Yes, that would be seven days before Christmas.
It could have been worse, the other side wanted December 26.
Obviously, that was way out. So we decided to move the date up and we now have 29 days to move our household of seven, hold Thanksgiving for both sides of the family and get ready for Christmas.
Thankfully, I have been shopping for a while and I am 75% done for Christmas.
Sad to say, however, one of our favorite traditions has been to get our tree the day after Thanksgiving, We take the kids to a Christmas tree farm, spend the morning hunting, bring home the tree, have a big lunch in front of the fire and start decorating. We have been doing this for about a decade and we all look forward to it. I do believe it is one of my favorite days all year.
But chin up, we will have to wait until Dec. 18 to perform our altered version of bringing home the tree amidst movers, et al.
We found out yesterday about the house deal going through. So I decided to take the kids after school to show them our new house.
After we got back,I started to make dinner. Everyone was in the livingroom playing except the baby, who was in the kitchen with me. She is just learning how to walk and needless to say took a spill.
It was about 5:30pm. I did not see the fall, only was there for the aftermath. Which was minimal, some crying, some whining but then she wanted to walk around.
She ate dinner and went to bed with no change. There was no mark or swelling from her accident.
Fast forward to 9:30pm.
Babygirl wakes up fussy.
After several attempts to put her back to sleep, we finally bring her downstairs to tire her out.
When in the light of the livingroom, I notice that her face looks like she was in a street fight.
Both eyes swollen, the bridge of her nose is nonexistent and a bruise is forming over the whole mess.
I look at my husband and say.."OMG..I have to go to the ER"...husband says..."It doesn't look that bad"...but of course never tell a mother that and now panic has set in... I am worried about her eyes, vision, breathing, etc. all the while wondering is this from the fall she took earlier? Why didn't the swelling happen immediately?
So at 10:30 we are in the ER(with my Mom) and she gets x-rayed only to reveal that at one years of age with mostly cartilage making up her nose, she has broken the only bone at the bridge of her nose.
There is nothing we can do, we are told. Because she has so much growing to do, they won't know if her nose will grow in crooked until she gets older! WHAT!
Then, we are told they won't fix it until she is older. AGHHH!
Oh please send wishes that my babygirl heals and does not grow up with a SHREK nose!!
Arriving home from the ER at 1am, I put babygirl to bed and crawl in myself, mind racing from the events of the day and the monsterous to-do-list.
I finally settle in to a deep sleep only to be awoken to our car alarm going off in our driveway at 1:30am. We both jump out of bed and race to the window. We see nothing. We go downstairs and check the car.
The hood has been pryed ajar (setting off the alarm) and the interior alert system reads Attempted Theft. All of our house's exterior lights are on and I literally pulled in the driveway 30 minutes before! My heart was racing. I just could not believe it.
There is never a dull moment here. Which is usually good.


Clear Pink said...

my goodness!

i am glad that that sweet girl is ok. poor little thing.

congrat on the house. are you still in the area? if not, i will missing running into you out and about!

crazy about the car. if it help, I was in an accicent yesterday, never a dull moment here either.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Congrats on the house! Sounds like you've had my kind of week! I don't know how you do it with 5 kids!

Do you still want to do Clemsongirl's swap? If you need to bail out, that's fine. Just let me know!:)

Lori said...

Oh gosh, I had to skip over the whole nose thing, I couldn't bear to read more....I hope she's ok.
Congratulations on the house!!

::Sylvia:: said...

Oh! I hope things settle down and you have a Merry Christmas! Remember, it could always be worse! Even though sometimes it's hard to imagine how ;)