Monday, June 23, 2008

So now that you have had an intro to the players in my life, I think I shall tell about my stumbling into the blogging world. A good friend of mine has a blog as well as a girlfriend of hers. After hearing how I should read their blogs...what can i say.. I found myself in alot of the women who are staying home to take care of their children, home and husbands! With five small children it has been difficult to navigate the playgroup circuit. Since I have had a small baby home for the past three years and throw in a nursing schedule...I have been somewhat shy on the social side. I relish in the daily blogs that I have found and continue to find each day. Since I have given up Starbucks (more on that later) for the time being , this has become the daily fix. I have for so long given up myself that I was becoming miserable and then when I would seek an indulgence just for me I would feel somewhat quilty. It is great to read how others are balancing motherhood. I love my children, now I have to learn to balance some me time too!

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